New french concept

This regatta stands out from classics competitions by proposing new types of trials.
These are mainly based on gender diversity men-women and teamwork. Thus, athletes
compete around a race of relay man-woman in K1/C1, a race more classic in a straight line for K2/C2 and then a double challenge a bit special : a race of mixed K4/C4 followed by two mixed K2/C2 races, whose times will be added together to get the classification of this double event.

Terms and conditions

Price : 8,00 € per race and per team
Registration deadline : 18-08-2019
Races without lane
Break from 12:00 P.M. To 2:00 P.M.



Morning (9:30)

Race n°1
K1 - C1
Mixed relay (team of 2) on 500 metres with bend (2 x 500 metres per person).
Series, semi-finals, finals.

Afternoon (2:30)

Race n°2
K2 M - C2 M
K2 W - C2 W
Races on 200 metres straight.
Series, semi-finals, finals.


Morning (9:30)

Race n°3A
K4 - C4
Races on 750 metres.


Afternoon (2:00)

Race n°3B
K2 - C2
Mixed races on 750 metres.
Two K2 / C2 per team.
Final ranking of races 3A & 3B
Times of K4 / C4
+ times of the two K2 / C2
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